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Hiiro (known as Hiiro Mah DikkHerd), is the Son of a Legendary wizard named Bairo and Kismitete. His parents were rich and Hiiro was privileged during his early years as a child. During his early years as a toddler he was introduced to a half orc and half human teenage boy who was an orphan, the orphan's name was Giruu. After a few years a Legendary Dragon appears. This causes Hiiro's family to try and seal Dagan Zot. However Hiiro's mother and farther are both killed along with everyone who went to witness it. However Hiiro is saved by his father

as he switches Hiiro's heart with Dagan Zot to put Dagan Zot and Hiiro's powers in check. This event leads to Hiiro being filled with a lust to avenge his parents by slaying Dagan Zot


Hiiro is naturally a handsome but shady looking character. He has a scar where his heart is placed as a side effect from switching Hearts with Dagan Zot. He has dark purple Hair with brown eyes, Red wen in Dragon form. He wears a Dark jumper with red trimmings and underneath he wears a grey Waist coat. He also wears black leggings that were possibly inspired from squires during Medieval times and black leather shoes.

While Hiiro is in his Dragon Form his eyes are red and His nails grow long. His teeth's incisors grow longer while his scar glows red.